YUMBOX Tapas 4 Compartment - Interchangeable Tray


Need a spare tray for your Yumbox Tapas?

This tray is sold separately and is interchangeable with the 5 compartment tray using the Yumbox Tapas exterior only.
Compatible with Yumbox Tapas Exterior box only.

Ideal to use as an extra tray for prepping extra Yumbox meals.Pack ahead and keep food fresh.
Perfect addition to your Yumbox Tapas Collection!

This is Yumbox Tapas Tray. The tray fit into Yumbox Tapas 4 and 5 compartment.

Important Note: This will not fit into Yumbox Original and Yumbox Panino, Yumbox Original and Panino tray are not interchangeable.

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