MontiiCo Fusion Universal SIPPER LID - Pine


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Meet the most popular Sipper Lid, now redesigned with improvements for the Montiico Fusion Range.

This lid comes with a straw to fit your Universal Insulated Fusion Base and can also be used with no straw if you prefer to tip ’n’ sip.

With a handy tab that allows you to open and close your sipper without touching the mouth piece, you can flip ’n’ sip one handed on the go. They've also upgraded to a wider mouth piece for faster flow - so that you can sip in seconds.

The Sipper Lid comes with a matching carry strap to keep your hydration hero by your side. Plus, you can say goodbye to dreaded spills - this lid is leakproof when closed tight.

Features you’ll love:
* Dishwasher Safe
* Removable, replaceable carry strap
* Removable silicone seal inside for easy cleaning
* Made from BPA-free materials for safe sipping

Diameter: 7.2mm

Fits the Universal Fusion base sizes, and comes with the straw included.

Top-shelf dishwasher safe to 70°C.

6 month manufacturers warranty.

Sipper Straw Length:

350ml: 12cm

475ml: 16.6cm

700ml: 22.6cm

1L: 18.7cm

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