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So here it is...our first Blog and what a better way to kick things off than to get all kinds of excited about our new website!! That's right folks, our brand spanking new website is up and running!

After weeks of researching, designing, decision making, procrastinating, uploading, cursing at technology, high-fiving technology, navigating technology and fine tuning; we have pieced together the perfect platform to showcase our fabulous little boutique.

Needless to say us to two R&H mums could not have done it on our own… Yes, the fact that we are mums means that we are superhuman most days; however, this little adventure was slightly out of our realm. So enter from stage right - Adloyalty! The fabulous team from Adloyalty in Canowindra stepped in with their expertise and helped make our dream a reality. With beautiful big clear images, functional and easy click through options, VIP log in access, the ability to create your own Wish List and forward this to friends and family, smooth and easy checkout, several payment options, online layby as well as our brand new blog! Did we mention we have also expanded our range of everything awesome and are pumped to be able to offer you an even larger selection of all things fabulous for the little and not so little peeps in your life!

A big shout out to all our 'official' researchers out there - without your dedication (and addiction) to online shopping we couldn't have built the website with the fab features and options we have today! Thanks for pointing us in the right direction when disclosing your love of fast and functional checkout procedures and your credit card taking one for the team whilst doing so!

Thank you to our amazing husbands who through all the late night website uploading, fine tuning, and screaming at the laptop at 12:20am still smiled, asked how our night was and pretended they were married to someone slightly normal.

Thank you to our babies - our 6 precious little humans who may have seen mummy at her best and worst over the past couple of months of the website build! We love you so! Mummy Rach and Mummy Brooke are so thankful you didn't dob on us to Nanny and Granny about our parenting skills and lack of enthusiasm some; ok to be honest - most mornings!

And we cannot forget to swing a HUGE thank you to our fabulous R&H fans who continue to support our little business and recommend us to friends and family near and far! We cannot put into words how completely stoked we are that you love Rourke & Henry as much as we do!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our new website, sign up to be a VIP, follow us on Facebook and Insta and come on the R&H ride with us!!!
Brooke Smith
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