Two Little Ducklings Flash Cards - Colours & Shapes


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25 cards included in this pack

Make learning about colours and shapes fun with this set of brightly coloured illustrated flash cards. Packed in a handy calico bag, each card is laminated and
designed with rounded corners to protect them from wear and tear, perfect for small children. Proudly Australian made and printed on environmentally friendly paper.

Cards include:
Primary colours, secondary colours, yellow + red = orange, yellow + blue = green, red + blue = purple, yellow – duckling, red – tomato, blue – pencil, orange – orange, purple – flower, green – leaf, brown – chocolate ice cream, pink – doughnut, white – cloud, black – spider, grey – dolphin, circle – yo-yo, octagon – stop sign, diamond – kite, oval – football, rectangle – door, semicircle – watermelon, square – present, star – starfish and triangle – tepee.

Recommended age is for 3 years plus, however with adult supervision they can be used from a younger age.

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