Play Gym - Woodlands Blue


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During the first year of your baby’s life, it is really important for them to spend time each day playing on their backs and tummies.

Our Playgym can help foster many important areas of baby’s development like core strength, hand eye coordination and gross motor skills. Tummy time also encourages them to begin exerting their independence. Apart from being versatile and functional, we created them look beautiful in your home too.

Available in a range of styles, with a range of adorable toys to collect and clip on for your baby


• 95 x 95 cm Raised Playmat with non-slip base
• 1 X playbar
• 8 X toy hooks
• 3 X sensory toys
• Baby pillow
• Reusable DISPLAY & carry bag 

• Sensory tags
• Mirror, Rattle & Crinkle toys

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