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Spatial awareness, differentiation of forms and colours, manipulation: that’s what Miniland sees in their Nuts & Bolts Activity Set. But little ones don’t care about all that! They’ll only see the creatures and vehicles in the puzzles they can complete using the chunky colourful nuts and bolts.

The idea of this activity set is to match the shapes and colours of the bolts with the shapes and colours on each puzzle. Kids can fill in the gaps and practice their spatial awareness by attaching the correctly-shaped nut to its matching bolt, providing a challenge that will grow their skills while they play.

Nuts & Bolts Activity Set features:
Recommended for ages 2 - 6 years.
Made in Spain.
Includes 24 coloured nuts and bolts that can be used to fill in the spaces in the activity cards.
Nuts and bolts will only fit their corresponding shape, making this a spatial awareness game.
Includes 6 different activity cards.
Presented in a Miniland carry box.

6 x Activity Cards – 21cm x 15cm.
24 x Nuts and Bolts – approximately 6cm high, each.
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