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Activity Buttons is a threading game that helps to develop children's sequencing and sorting abilities, as well as their mathematical and motor skills.With 40 colourful plastic buttons, all of which feature one to five holes, your child is required to thread the buttons together using the five long laces provided while the mimic the activity worksheets before them. This game is simple in execution, yet challenging for young minds and will certainly provide endless hours of entertainment.

Activity Buttons features:
Recommended for children aged three to six years.
Designed in the United States.
40 buttons are made from colourful plastic and feature one to five holes.
Five colourful 5.1 metre laces for threading the buttons.
String the buttons together into the corresponding position on the activity sheets.
Helps to develop mathematical and motor skills, as well as sequencing and sorting abilities.
Presented in a Miniland box compact storage.

40 x Plastic Buttons.
5 x Coloured Laces - 5.1 Metres.
12 Activity Sheets.
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