In Wood - ‘I am’ Mandala Wooden Puzzle


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During the early childhood years children are learning to identify emotions, to understand why they happen, and how to manage them appropriately. With opportunities to explore emotions early on in life, children develop a strong sense of self and more complex emotions like shyness, surprise, embarrassment, shame, guilt, pride and empathy emerge.

Our In Wood Mandala includes 26 unique wooden pieces, no puzzle will end up the same as it is a reflection of the child’s emotions and their choice of patterns. Centred by the sun with the strong words “I AM” and surrounded by hearts, leaves and shapes to represent joy, peace, calm and sad and so on.

Made from FSC Certified aged timber and contains a seed paper so you can give back to the Earth.

Comes boxed.

Size: 26 pieces

Largest piece is the sun: 9 cm

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