Dream Light – Mermaid


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A lovely addition to the Dream Light range by Delight Decor, the mermaid night light is sure to delight your child.
This safe, stylish mermaid lamp is multi colour changing, LED and made of a quality acrylic.
These lights have been designed to comfort children all night, as they can be dimmed down for all night use.
They are also perfect for parent's wanting to check in on children at night without disturbing them.
Supplied with a remote control, children love to select the colour before going bed, making bed time an exciting time rather than a time to be worried about. The lights can also be set to cycle through the full rainbow of colours.
Using very safe LEDs (they never, ever heat up), parents can be assured that these night lights are safe to use for their children.
The My Dream Light range has been fully tested to meet Australian Standards for Children's lighting to provide even more piece of mind.
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